Are you ready for massive success?

Stop #doingallthethings

It's time to take your business to the next level.

The way I work is unique...

I believe that uncovering your personal brand and impact allows you to create new opportunities and give you the drive you need to make it happen.

And, I believe that the most powerful strategies come to life when you, the value-maker, is in the driver's seat which is why I'm a coach, not a consultant.

My coaching programs break down for you the moving parts that make up a truly unique value-based brand for your business.

I coach you on strategy and a success-driven mindset that will attract growth, possibilities and a lifestyle you could thrive in.

Are you an established coach?

You found a niche that you're good at serving. You love making an impact and helping people change their lives.

But, there seems to be something missing.

Maybe your business isn't at the level you feel it should be? Maybe you want to make a bigger impact? And, you want to reach more people and new levels of income. You just can't figure out how it's possible because you have no more time, energy or ideas to spare.

You feel tapped out and are wondering if growth is even possible.

100% yes it is.

And, I'm going to take you there.

Coaching Programs

Strategy Session

Brand Boss
Business School

Next Level Mastermind

I'll take the guesswork out of where you need to go and how you can get there. Together, we will work on creating strategic moves for your growth and goals in a single 90-minute session.

You will love this program If you want to learn the strategies to start your business along with the mindset tools that will help you make the big moves needed to succeed. This is a 4 month, small-group coaching program.

This is is right for you if you are ready to dig deep into what it takes for you to grow your business--so you can make major leaps in your monthly income and take back your freedom so that you can live your best life as an entrepreneur.

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Which program could be right for you?


What My Clients Have to Say

- Lisa Carlin, Coach

"Aurea was amazing at steering me in the right direction and allowing me to find the answers for myself. I would highly recommend Aurea and her coaching style, with a focus on branding. By the end of our coaching time together I came away feeling so much clearer, far more positive and instantly created an amazing business plan that incorporates both businesses for the following month. I have been able to overcome my lack of vision for my business brand and turn it into something that is exciting and have moved forward with great confidence."

- Miranda, Owner - Hair by Miranda

"I came across Aurea's business at the perfect time. It's like the universe was telling me, "Yes. You NEED to step your game up!". I was feeling unfulfilled and feeling like I wasn't presenting my business in a way that represents who I am, as a professional. With Aurea's help, I was finally able to feel good about what I putting out as the face of my business, on social media. There were so many little things we changed, that made such a big difference!"

Here's the thing, for me, working with clients is serious business.

My programs require one-on-one interaction, they're personal, they're about your brand baby and mine. When you get to know me, you'll soon realize that there are just a few major no-no's in my book those are: lying and messing with people's money.

Because of that, I want to have a consult with every potential client to be sure we are a good fit.

Don't let me take up another second of your time. I know you are here because you're ready to dive into strategy and see your brand grow.

Book time with me and let's chat about how I can serve you.

I know you are here because you're ready to dive into strategy and see your brand grow.

Book time with me and let's chat about how I can serve you.