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What fuels your passion?

The impact you make on your clients is life-changing and life building. I want to help you make a greater impact on the world with freedom from the marketing and money-making business strategy headaches.

I am a Brand and Business Coach, and I will take you from feeling stuck now to creating massive success in your business through magnetic personal branding.

Is it your mission, your value, freedom, the impact you make on people's lives? 

Hi, I'm Aurea

I'm happy you're here and excited to share my passion for the world of business and branding with you. I want to help you expand your creativity and bring your business to the next level by using proven branding strategies my clients have come to know and love. 

Branding has changed my life. I was a digital marketer for 9 years before jumping into the world of branding. Soon after, I learned how branding is the key to bridging the gap between an amazing marketing strategy and loyal customers.

Are you ready to unlock your potential by doing more than selling yourself? Are you ready to develop your business and brand in a truly magnetic way?


Brand & Business Development Coach

Together, we will make a bigger, brighter impact on the world. 

 I left the corporate world to help entrepreneurs learn how they can use brand strategy to up-level their business and their life. 

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Are you ready for massive success?

 The important question is how do you get from where you are now to your big badass goal?

We will work together to grow your reach, your impact, and your income.

What My Clients Have to Say

- Lisa Carlin, Coach

"Aurea was amazing at steering me in the right direction and allowing me to find the answers for myself. I would highly recommend Aurea and her coaching style, with a focus on branding. By the end of our coaching time together I came away feeling so much clearer, far more positive and instantly created an amazing business plan that incorporates both businesses for the following month. I have been able to overcome my lack of vision for my business brand and turn it into something that is exciting and have moved forward with great confidence."

- Miranda, Owner - Hair by Miranda

"I came across Aurea's business at the perfect time. It's like the universe was telling me, "Yes. You NEED to step your game up!". I was feeling unfulfilled and feeling like I wasn't presenting my business in a way that represents who I am, as a professional. With Aurea's help, I was finally able to feel good about what I putting out as the face of my business, on social media. There were so many little things we changed, that made such a big difference!"


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